Hello World

This site is a collection of all my writing. I love to write and have dedicated quite a bit of time and energy expressing myself, sharing my passions, and learning about this great wide wild world we have been given to explore through my writing.

In no particular order I present a history of what I have written and published on the world wide web over the years.

~~~~~~ Vitae ~~~~~~

Fallfish Tenkara

In my humble opinion this project is my pièce de résistance. I have poured countless hours maintaining it and building it into something reputable. I still get contacted throughout the year from folks around the world interested in tenkara and/or Japan through this site.

Check out the site here (I wrote all but one of the 120+ posts).

Seattle Backpackers Magazine

For several years I was the Gear Manager at Seattle Backpackers Magazine. I also wrote a lot of articles for them too.

Check it out here.

My WebDev/Technical Blog

Somebody once told me that "No self respecting hacker can call themselves such without maintaining a blog about their coding exploits". I cannot remember who told me that though 🤔... Maybe I just made it up.

Check it out here.

Macadam Grinding

I have been an avid cyclist since I got my first real bike for my 16th birthday (up until then all my bikes had been cheap Kmart specials that fell apart the first day of riding). Something always felt just slightly off kilter, and I could not put my exact feelings into words. Then I discovered gravel bikes and I knew immediately it was what I had been looking for all along in cycling.

Check out my cycling blog here.

My Novel

Tentatively I am calling it The Wormwood Saga. It is still very much a work in progress.

My vision is for it to one day be a collaborative open source novel with contributions to its content from several authors and artists (do you want to be one?). There will be a modest fee associated with gaining access to the full novel.

Check out the novel in progress here.

Tenkara Angler Magazine

While living in Japan I had two major writing projects Tenkara Angler Magazine and Fallfish Tenkara. Tenkara Angler was comprised of long form essays about tenkara and Japan.

Check out all my articles here.